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Varieties are selected according to criteria for premium products. Land preparation and planting in accordance with professional practice. For each plantation we have a project which, based on the soil analysis, was prepared by a professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade. Planting and plantation management technology is based on the principles of state-of-the-art technology and integral protection. All in order to provide our customers with healthy fruit of superior quality. So far, our premium products have been placed in the Serbian and Russian markets.

Within the plantation itself there is a cold storage, which enables the collected fruit to reach the cold environment in a very short period of time and to be stored in one of the chambers with adequate temperature. Fruits are transported to the end customer by our vehicles with a cooling system. This way we control the whole process and the cold chain that is extremely important in the process of manipulation and distribution of fresh fruit. We observe the quality, food safety and environmental protection requirements.

We own a Global Gap Certificate GGN: 4059883535099. The procedure involves the implementation of a number of various standards in order to ensure that our products could be marketed at the European Union market. Our premium products have been sold at the Serbian and Russian markets for the time being.

This year, we are commencing a project of vegetables cultivation in a protected space. Due to the changing climate conditions, greenhouse production enables us with more production cycles annually where we can combine autumn and winter crops.

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Our Fruit.

Berry fruit crops are built with intention to support packages of 125 g of fresh fruit.


Our raspberry plantation spreads over 2 ha, and includes two homogeneous varieties TulaMagic and Tulameen and three remontant varieties. Varieties were selected with the aim of placement of fruit in fresh condition. The fruits of all varieties are characterized by high content of dry matter, big size (weight over 5g), excellent firmness and attractive colors. We must emphasize the quality and phenomenal taste of the Kwanza variety.

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Blueberries plantation covers the surface of 1 ha, where 2 varieties are grown. The dominant variety is Duke while Blue Crop is a pollinator. The fruits are large and uniform, of excellent flavour. In order to increase the yields and improve the quality of production in the plantation, the cooling and spraying system has been installed, as well as anti-hail protection.

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Blackberry plantation covers the surface of over 1ha, where the variety Loch Ness is grown. The fruits are large (weight over 7g), of excellent solidity, brilliant black colour and exceptional flavour. In order to increase the yields and improve the quality of production in the plantation, the installation of the rain caps system as well as the cooling and spraying system has been planned.

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Red Currant

Red currant plantation covers the surface of 1 ha, the varieties Rovada, Rolan and Stanza. The first commercial yield of this species is expected in 2020.

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Hazelnut plantation covers the area of 10h, where three varieties are grown: Giffoni – dominant variety, T.C Romana and Nocchione. The sub-irrigation system is installed in the hazel plantation.

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